What To Expect In My Skin Care Notes

Welcome to my notes on Skin Care section!! I have a sweet spot when it comes to skin care, I love testing out products and seeing how they work for me, researching ingredients etc. Here I will be showing you how I've managed to keep my face, for the most part, acne free and feeling soft and smooth. I usually only tend to use natural products for skin care but if I happen to share a product that isn't natural I'll be sure to mention that as well. I'm halfway through creating a skin care basics course that I will be sharing here around the same time as my makeup basics course (sometime in September) where I'll be teaching you how to properly cleanse, removing spots, healing scars, what tools to use, and more. So be sure to subscribe through Bloglovin and stay updated. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me by commenting below a post or through my contact form in the sidebar.
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