Rosefield Watch Wish List

I've recently discovered the watch brand Rosefield, and I'm obsessed! I've made myself a little wishlist of the watches and straps that I want to purchase, and I'm sharing that with you today. 

1.  The Mercer - White/Gold
I've been seeing this specific Rosefield watch all over the internet and it's literally the sole reason that I searched up the Rosefield website and discovered the rest of these beautiful watches. It's named after a street within NYC which is located in one of the fashion districts. The watch is made with stainless steel mesh straps that give it a very trendy/fashionable look and it's what caught my attention towards this watch.  

2.  The Mercer - White/Silver
I've always loved silver jewellery more than gold. I feel like it stands out more on my skintone than gold does, but many people disagree with me. However, that won't stop me from purchasing the silver version of the gold Mercer watch!  

3. The Mercer - Black/Black
The black version of the Mercer watch looks so sleek and elegant, I need to add it to my collection! Unlike the other Mercer watches, this one is completely black - that includes black straps, black dial, and black casing. I think having a completely black watch is definitely a staple piece since black goes with everything. 

4. The Bowery - White/Brown
The Bowery watches are similar in appearance to the popular Daniel Wellington watches, which is part of the reason why I fell in love with it. I love that the straps are interchangeable on this specific watch so I can always swap in a Black or Red strap if I want to go for that classic look. The casing and dials are rose gold which add a luxurious hint to the watch and the leather strap brings everything together. 

5.  The Bowery - Black/Black
Obviously I had to add in the completely black version of the Bowery watches, because just like the black Mercer watch, it's so sleek and elegant, not to mention the leather strap adds a hint of class. I also think the black version of the Bowery watch looks really nice with a red strap which is why I've included it as number six on the wishlist. 

6.  Red Watch Strap
I've chosen the red strap because it looks amazing with both white and black versions of the Bowery watch. I picked the one that has rose gold details because the majority of the watches I've chosen have rose gold detailing too. 

I can't wait to purchase each of these, one by one. Aren't they beautiful? Have you tried any watches from Rosefield? If not, where is your favourite place to purchase fashionably trendy watches? Let me know in the comments section below! 
Lots of love, 



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