Imats Toronto was crazy this year, the lineup to get in took almost two hours and it was freezing outside! It was worth the wait for the amount of joy I felt when we finally got into the venue. I was on the hunt for brushes first thing and ended up waiting at Morphe Brushes for over an hour to get my hands on some, as the line was ridiculously long. I also picked up a few  lovely fall eyeshadow shades and an empty magnetic palette to keep them in. By the time I got out of morphe, most of the booths had huge lineups and I wasn't willing to wait in another one so I stopped where I could and got what I wanted before me and the girls decided to leave and get some food at Moxies Bar & Grill. Here's what I got:

Morphe Brushes
Morphe Brushes

10 for $10 lashes!

That's pretty much all I got while at Imats, unfortunately I wasn't able to get my hands on as much as I planned to but I'm ecstatic about my brush additions as I can truly say I have a pretty neat collection going on. The Essie nail polish was gifted to me by Chantae, my good friend from @StudioChantae who attended IMATS with me as well as Susana (<-link) . Here are a few pictures from my IMATS T.O. 2015 Experience! :) 

I was also fortunate enough to attend the MissyLynn Toronto Meet and Greet right after Imats where I met the gorgeous Missy herself. She was such a beautiful person to meet and we vibed so well, it was like speaking to my long lost sister <3 hopefully she comes back! :) 

That it is it for my Imats haul, I hope you enjoyed seeing the little bits I bought, as well as the photo diary. Let me know what you thought in the comments section below! :D 

Lots of love, 



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